Twenty Years Ago Today: There Was No News Today

thedaytodayAfter a long night of abuse at the hands of Tonya Harding and her accomplices, news was declared dead on arrival at the dawn of Wednesday the 2nd of February, 1994. It would be magically brought back to life by presidential twinkling on the following day, but for now we have to resort to fake news in order to remind ourselves of how unimportant we are compared to the stellar magnitude of people on television.  

Twenty years ago today was the first broadcast of the third episode of The Day Today, Christopher Morris' land-shattering satire of all things news-related. It's the unacceptable middle child of his Radio 4 programme On the Hour and the bastard father of his Channel 4 show, Brass Eye. We can also blame it for inflicting Alan Partridge upon both television and those parts of the UK which are happy not to be in Norfolk.

Morris was last seen wandering around the Large Hadron Collider in 2010, looking for large hadrons and wearing a lot of hair.