The Pessimist's Nightmare


Holy crap, I won something.

Well, not actually won. I came third. But that's good enough for me! Although it does mean that I have to surrender my 'miserable bastard' card and pretend to be an optimist for a while. But never mind.

KellarI entered a competition via the ever-wondrous Kboards Writer's Cafe, in which the entrants were challenged to write a 500 word story inspired by the image you can see to the left. The poster has an interesting story attached, although I may have been the only person to delve into it: apparently, a number of stage magicians (not just Mr. Kellar) habitually used images of devils and demons in their advertising to give the impression that their magic tricks were assisted by the forces of evil. Why this should make the superstitious inhabitants of the 19th century do anything other than have the magicians lynched is something of a mystery, but it seems to have worked. Kellar et al were extremely successful at their trade.

And of course many thanks must go to the instigator of the competition: another indie writer by the name of Michael Brookes. Links to his many fine works can be found at his website.

Here's where to go if you want to read my little story: Harry Weiss Meets the Devil. And if you like, you can read the stories by those other writers who won first and second place. They're pretty good too. :D

ShortFictionBannerAnd if you want to try this yourself, you have only to click on the banner above to have a go at the July contest! First prize: £50 Amazon gift card. Second prize: £20 Amazon gift card. Third prize: set of steak knives £10 Amazon gift card.

You know you want to.