The Inquisition is Complete

Yup, that's it - parts one to five of The Inquisitor's Progress, the tale of one vile inquisitor's challenge against the 'gods' that created his world (and all the ones above it), are now available in  the usual places: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Smashwords and eventually a few others that move rather more slowly. Part one is still available for free at Amazon US, Smashwords and my own site if you haven't got started yet. And now that's done, the complete ebook version and print version will be following just as soon as I finish typesetting and cover designing and waiting for CreateSpace's transatlantic tortoise-mail to send the proof copy from the US when they could just as easily send it from their plant in the UK...

(but I digress)

Next up for me will be either one of two things and possibly both: a series of short stories about a world in which everyone wakes up twenty years in the past (which is a surprisingly scary thing to happen), or a full scale fantasy series which just happens to take place in the same multiverse as The Last Man on Earth Club.

Until then - thanks for reading!