Twenty Years Ago Today

Ebook Cover 1.1 var kobosizeIf you're reading this, then you can be grateful that the events in Part One of my new novel have not come to pass. The world has not been sent back twenty years to May the 10th, 1994, and the attendant chaos has not been visited on you and everyone you know. On the other hand, you can now buy Part One and find out for yourself what would happen if the favourite wish of the middle-aged ever came true for everyone. Going back twenty years wouldn't be nearly as much fun as people assume it would be. Unless, of course, you like watching an apocalypse unfold...

(Sadly, I wasn't able to continue my daily series of blog posts about events in 1994. Depressing life events got in the way, and I had to prioritise finishing the actual book instead. Sorry about that).

Part One is 99c if you're in the US, and roughly equivalent amounts if you're somewhere else. You can buy it at the following stores (with more to be added later):  Amazon UK - Amazon US - Smashwords - Kobo

Part Two will follow just as soon as I can get it done. I'm not sure when that will be, so if you'd like to be told when it happens, sign up for the newsletter and I'll send you an email when it's available.