Perihelion: An Undiplomatic Incident

Perihelion LogoGosh, I've gone and done that thing again. That thing where I accidentally persuade someone to publish one of my stories! This one is at Perihelion SF, edited by the redoubtable Sam Bellotto Jr. It's called An Undiplomatic Incident and recounts the story of humanity's first test in interstellar diplomacy: figuring out what the aliens with the fronds of eyes are trying to say before someone makes a mistake and gets eaten. It's... a bit silly. So if you're interested in some humourous SF about humans and aliens trying to come to a peaceful understanding and negotiate a trade deal that doesn't involve a full and frank exchange of limbs, go and give it a read. It's free! (although if you like it or any of the other stories this month, please do feel free to donate!) Meanwhile, I'm still slowly recovering from heart surgery and feeling rubbish. But I'm almost used to the ticking noise from my new valve. Except possibly during those moments when my heart skips a beat, when I have a half-second panic while I wait for the ticking to start up again. Fun times! :)