The Last Tour of Kelwort Castle

TLTOKC Cover 320x200Blimey. I've done something else new. And it's something short! Well, okay, it was meant to be a short story and it ended up being a novella (just), but that's what happens when you apply the historical lessons of castle sieges to survival techniques in a post-apocalyptic environment: it gets interesting! The Last Tour of Kelwort Castle is an archaeological reconstruction of a tour group, taken largely from the video they recorded of the tour guide giving them useful lessons in the history of the castle. Nuclear war then interrupts the tour, and we discover what happened to them afterwards in a series of reports made by the archaeologists. Did they learn the lessons on how to survive in a castle? Or did they just end up repeating history?

Long-time readers will be happy to hear that it's set in the multiverse of The Last Man on Earth Club (where else am I going to get interdimensional archaeologists?), though this isn't relevant for much of the story and you don't need to read anything else to understand what's going on.

This is also the first (well, second, really) in a series of shorter pieces about apocalypses called Apocalyptic Tales. Moment of Extinction has been rebadged under this title, just because it fits. I'll be adding new ones every month or so in an attempt to keep my name popping up in connection with my preferred genre, as well as building up material for an eventual collection.

All of which means I should really get back to working on Twenty Years Ago Today. Worlds don't end all by themselves, you know...