Expect the Inquisition

IP 3.0Now I've gone and done it. I've published something! My new novel, serialised into five parts, has just hit part two. I've been putting off mentioning it until Amazon finally got round to making part one free, which they did for all of five minutes before making the UK version unfree again.

(this whole 'how do I make something free on Amazon?' conversation takes up a statutory 20% of all discussions on Kindleboards)

So what the heck. I've made free versions of part one available on the book page for anyone who wants them. And there's a PDF you can read on this very same website. Yay!

Oh, and what's this book about, I hear you ask? Well, it's about a scary old guy who's spent his whole life doing god's will, which he always assumed meant torturing people to stop them spreading their heresy. But then he dies. And when he meets his maker, he finds that the worlds beyond his own are vaster and more cruel than anything he could have known. In the end, there remains only one course: vengeance upon god.

So no, it's not a comedy...