Last year, a short story of mine was published in Unidentified Funny Objects anthology No. 5. I must have been doing something right, because I've been published again in anthology No. 6!

The Breakdown of the Parasite/Human Relationship is an SF comedy about two people in a flatshare. Well, not exactly a flatshare. More a bodyshare. A human being has rented out his body to a an alien parasite so it can function as an engineer on a starship, but they don't see eye to eye. And the arguments aren't going to be about who does the washing up...

Unidentified Funny Objects 6 also features stories from a number of other very fine writers, most of whom are far more accomplished than me. There's Alan Dean Foster, for a start. Mike Resnick from Galaxy's Edge. Esther Friesner, Ken Liu, Jody Lynn Nye, Jim C Hines, Jack Campbell, Laura Resnick, Gini Koch, and more... oooh, there's lots of good stuff in there!

(I know because I read the proofs, and many guffaws were had by me)

Meanwhile, there will be news shortly about my story from last year. Stay tuned!

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