Paul R. Hardy lives in the United Kingdom, where he makes a constant ticking noise with his semi-mechanical heart. He writes short pieces of speculative fiction and has been published in Unidentified Funny Objects, Escape Pod and Diabolical Plots, with work coming soon at Deep Magic and Gallery of Curiosities. He has also published novels and novellas on Kindle and other platforms.

He used to make corporate videos and short films. He won a BBC Drama Award, co-wrote & co-produced an independent SF film called Triple Hit, made a DVD about the history and architecture of Warwick, and also wrote Filming on a Microbudget, a guidebook for making short films.

He currently masquerades as a humble functionary with the National Health Service and bakes more cakes than is strictly healthy. But the nurses at his workplace eat most of the cakes, thus saving him from putting on weight - just another sacrifice the fine staff of the NHS make to keep people healthy!